The Community Forest license grants MCFC exclusive rights to harvest Crown timber from approximately 60,000 ha surrounding the community of McBride.

The Community Forest is intended to give the community management control over the forest directly surrounding the community in order to manage it for all values of importance to the community - environment, water, recreation, visuals, wildlife etc.  It also offers an opportunity to stimulate economic activity and provide a monetary return back to the community

  • Board Meeting Minutes June 13, 2018 McBride BC

    Minutes – Board mtg June 13, 2018

  • Recreation Site Maintenance Contractor working like a dog……2018

    After a fall and spring Pre-qualification advertisement and subsequent resume submissions, tenders were solicited by select invitation for the 2018 Recreation Site Maintenance.  Two (2) sealed bids were received and the lowest / qualified tender was accepted.  Award was made to D & L Jeck Logging and maintenance began June 28, 2018.  Both the Lasalle […]

  • Planting 2018

    Planting began May 17, 2018 with our local contractor – Rock Reforestation and their crew !   Our seedlings were hauled and stored by Dave Appleby from K & C Silviculture/Oliver, BC.   9 blocks were planted in the Dore, Belle/Macintosh and Crescent Spur Areas.  A total of 303,620 spruce, fir and cedar seedlings were planted.  The […]